Unable to download an emulator due to empty list
I cannot download an emulator from Tizen Extension in Visual Studio, the only way is using the one from Tizen Studio, but in this case it throws an exception
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Where exactly you see the empty list for downloading an emulator? Is it 'Download new image' in 'Emulator Manager'? or the 'Package Manager'?

Visual Studio uses the same Tizen baseline SDK tools from Tizen Studio.

We can help you, if you could please share more information.


Filippo Fedeli

Hi, thanks for the answer. It is "Download new image". The weird thing is that installing through Tizen Studio is fine and I can download the images flawlessly

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We could reproduce the issue and find that there is a certain situation that makes the list empty.

This issue is fixed, but it will take some time until you get updated.

Until then, you can install emulator images using `Package Manager`. This is also totally a good way to install your emulator.

Sorry to drag you back due the issue, and thanks for reporting.


Filippo Fedeli

Good to hear that