Tizen.NUI Video playback


I'm using Tizen.NUI GUI libarary for the app development.  I'm using API Level 8 for Tizen 6.0 M2 Platform. I faced a problem with implementing seek bar and progress bar for the video playback since VideoView control from Tizen.NUI.BaseComponents doesn't provide any information about video progress and duration. 

I was wondering to try Player class from the Tizen.Multimedia namespace. To see playback result I've set Display property with instance Display class by passing here current Window object. Problem here is that I ahve to make Window transparent to see the video playback and I cannot add any custom controls over it.

var player = new Player();
player.SetSource(new MediaUriSource("my media url"));
player.Display = new Display(Window.Instance);
await player.PrepareAsync();

Is there any way to use Player from Tizen.Multimedia namespace as a NUI component to have a possibility to add custom controls like play/pause button, progress and seek bars and etc?

Or maybe as alternative there is a way to get Duration and Progress information by using VideoView from Tizen.NUI.BaseComponents?