Tizen.Net in Visual Studio Code

I'm attempting to follow the instructions here to develop in Visual Studio Code. -


The instructions say:

To use the Tizen Package Manager:

  1. Open the Command Palette and enter tizen package.


However I get a popup in the bottom corner of Visual Studio Code with the following message:


"Checking for Tizen Baseline SDK updates. Retry once the update check is finished."


How do I resolve this issue?


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Tizen .NET

Hello again Dhokia, thanks for having inerest on developing Tizen .NET application.

Sorry for the late reply, we will try finding the possible causes of your problem and answer again soon!


Tizen .NET


It seems some configuration steps are ignored. Please try following to correct the problem.

1. Go to Settings(Ctrl + ,)
2. Type "tizen" in search box, and click the "Edit in settings.json" in the "Tizen> Profiles: Path" field.

3. Set the "" field with your Tizen Baseline SDK Path.

4. Restart Vs Code
5. Try to run Package Manager with same way, and wait a while.