Tizen Tools for Visual Studio not in the Market Place

In Visual Studio:

Tools > Extensions and Updates > Online

Search for Tizen results in nothing


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Most probably the reason is Visual Studio version compatibility for 'Visual Studio Tools for Tizen'.

Visual Studio tools for Tizen Installation guide in Tizen Developers Site Mentioned, "You must have Visual Studio 2017" to install 'Visual Studio Tools for Tizen'.


Visual studio marketplace shows only the compatible extensions & tools for that version. For example, when I searched for 'Tizen' in marketplace from Visual Studio 2013 the result shows nothing:



But the same search shows 'Visual studio tools for Tizen' from Visual Studio 2017.


Brad Fic

Yes I was using the latest build of VS 2017. It did finally show back up in the marketplace. However it has been one of the most frustrating processes trying to get it set up. Still haven't gotten the basic app to deploy to the emulator or device. But that will be in another post.