Hi, We are developing a Tizen app using xamarin forms.

I have some queries, can anyone help me to figure out the solution?


  1. Method to get MAC address of the Tizen TV. Which is used to uniquely identify the device.
  2. Solution to capture screenshot and upload.
  3. Get Monitor info (monitor height, width, serial number) and other CPU details (free, occupied RAM, HDD memory).
  4. Custom Video renderer which is used to play video. If we use ViewRenderer<CustomVideoPlayer, Tizen.Multimedia.MediaView> or VisualElementRenderer<ScreenZ.Renderer.CustomVideoPlayer> It’s not displaying video.




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Tizen .NET


Are you developing a C# app for TV?

1. Please check ConnectionManager.GetMacAddress().

2. You can take a screen shot by right-clicking on the emulator and then selecting Advanced > Screen Shot.

3. There's no api to get monitor serial number. 
   You can get screen width/height as follows:
     Information.TryGetValue<int>("", out width)
     Information.TryGetValue<int>("", out height)
     About CPU details, please check Tizen.System namespace. You can get memory, storage information.

4. Please check Tizen.TV.UIControls API.  (API Spec, Guilde)



Dipen Hansawala

2. Is there any way to take a snapshot programmatically? We have a digital signage player and we want to upload a snap-shot to our web server that shows what is actually displaying on screen rightnow.

Tizen .NET

Unfortunately, this feature is not supported for app developers.