Screen always on?
Hello Using javascript/web I was able to set the screen to always on. I need this feature also on (Gear S3). Is it possible? Thanks


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Tizen .NET


There are Power.RequestLock/ReleaseLock C# APIs for Tizen .NET apps.

Unfortunately, it's not available in Tizen 4.0 based Gear S3, Galaxy Watch because API version is 5, not 4.

An alternative is using Tizen Native APIs in Tizen .NET app by using DllImportAttribute.

Here is the guide and the example.

(Tizen Power API requires privilege. Please declare it in tizen-manifest.xml file to use Power API)

FYI, it's not working on Samsung Smart TVs due to product team's security policy.

It's working on Gear S3/Galaxy Watch/Galaxy Active devices.



James Bond
Hi Perfect, thanks a lot. Really happy that .net made it to the Gear/Tizen as a senior c# developer. Thanks again