No open project/folder/workspace found

I have a .NET project from early 2021 that used to build and work just fine as is. I was recently requested to build a new TPK for some new devices (thus new DUIDs needed on the distributor certificate) and apparently can't build the project anymore. When I open the command palette and select to build I get an error stating "No open project/folder/workspace found. Create or open a project/folder/workspace". No changes have been made to the settings.json files that point to the tizen.working.folder and tizen.workspace.path values and both look to be correct to me. I've even tested with creating a new project (according to the instructions in the documentation) and am unable to get any of the base projects building due to the same error. I'm at a loss as to what to look at outside of trying to install a new VSCode instance and go through all of the setup/extensions setup from scratch. Does anyone happen to have any suggestions as to what to look at?