NET Maui App deploy to Samsung Active 2

With the release of Maui I'm trying to deploy an app to my Samsung Active 2 watch on a Macbook Air M1. 

I create a Maui app using :  dotnet new maui -o TestMaui and then I edited the csproj file to only contain net60-tizen targetframework. 

I'm able to build and sign the app fine with following command:

dotnet build TestMaui.csproj -f net6.0-tizen /p:"AuthorPath=/Users/user/SamsungCertificate/MacTizenProfile/author.p12" /p:"AuthorPass=pass" /p:"DistributorPath=/Users/user/SamsungCertificate/MacTizenProfile/distributor.p12" /p:"DistributorPass=pass"

This produces a signed tpk file com.companyname.TestMaui-1.0.0.tpk in the folder at /Users/user/Projects/TestMaui/TestMaui/bin/Debug/net6.0-tizen/tizen-x86

running :  sdb install com.companyname.TestMaui-1.0.0.tpk installs the tpk successfully to the watch. I see the app on the watch but when I tap on the icon it opens for a brief moment and then quits after a few seconds.    Could this have something to do with cpu architectures because I see the tpk is places into the tizen-x86 folder.  The architecture of the watch is arm.  If this is now how to do a build it for my watch architecture? 

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Tizen .NET

Thank you for reaching out! 

First of all, I would like to tell you that .NET6 and .NET MAUI apps are supported from Tizen 7.0. Until Samsung Galaxy Active 2 supports Tizen 7.0, .NET MAUI app will not run nornally even if it is installed. 

Secondly, regarding the architecutr you inquired about, you can set it in the your project file (.csproj) as follows.


Thank you!

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First and foremost, I'd like to inform you that Tizen 7.0 supports.NET6 and.NET MAUI apps. Until Samsung Galaxy Active 2 burrito craft supports Tizen 7.0, the.NET MAUI software will not run normally, even if installed.