NET Maui App deploy to Samsung Active 2

With the release of Maui I'm trying to deploy an app to my Samsung Active 2 watch on a Macbook Air M1. 

I create a Maui app using :  dotnet new maui -o TestMaui and then I edited the csproj file to only contain net60-tizen targetframework. 

I'm able to build and sign the app fine with following command:

dotnet build TestMaui.csproj -f net6.0-tizen /p:"AuthorPath=/Users/user/SamsungCertificate/MacTizenProfile/author.p12" /p:"AuthorPass=pass" /p:"DistributorPath=/Users/user/SamsungCertificate/MacTizenProfile/distributor.p12" /p:"DistributorPass=pass"

This produces a signed tpk file com.companyname.TestMaui-1.0.0.tpk in the folder at /Users/user/Projects/TestMaui/TestMaui/bin/Debug/net6.0-tizen/tizen-x86

running :  sdb install com.companyname.TestMaui-1.0.0.tpk installs the tpk successfully to the watch. I see the app on the watch but when I tap on the icon it opens for a brief moment and then quits after a few seconds.    Could this have something to do with cpu architectures because I see the tpk is places into the tizen-x86 folder.  The architecture of the watch is arm.  If this is now how to do a build it for my watch architecture? 

Thanks in adance!