Memory profiler doesnt work properly on TV, can't find leaked


I need yours help,

My apps suddenly stops quite often, I didn't understand why, I tried using the memory profiler but not working properly ...
When I try to start the profiler on Smart TV 5.0, it stops directly.
When I run it on Emulator I cannot trace or find, very hard to find.



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Dongkyun Son

Dear Ali Demir

Thank you for the report. I'd recomment you to check the basic profiler functionality with template projects in your environments, first in order to scope it down.

The application should be built as debug mode, and the collected data is displayed properly after finishing it according to [1].

As your case is not reproducible by public VSToolsforTizen[2], would you please share the tool version with application source or info you've used if possible ?



Thank you!