How to run TizenHelloMessage Android Provider on device?

I am new to Tizen and want to simply run an Android app that has a list of items and access that list of items from the Tizen app via my Gear S3. I thought that the "TizenHelloMessage" sample would be good here, but I can't seem to get the Android app running in Android Studio Emulator to communicate with the Tizen Wearable emulator in Visual Studio. 

Right now I am just wanting to get an app running on my galaxy s9 and an app running on the gear s3 and just having the ability to communicate. I am going to continue looking through the forums, but thought I would post here in case anyone knew what I was doing wrong. Thank you!

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Do you have any issue in executing Android HelloMessage Provider app on phone? Please share the details of your problem.

   Did you run app_SAAgentV2 (Android HelloMessage Provider app) on your galaxy S9?

   Do you use the latest version of SW binary for Gear S3 ? If not, please update to download and install the latest SW binary version. (As far as I know, the latest S3 binary is fixed to include missing Samsung SAP C# API related file.)

If you want to get some technical help about Samsung Accessory Service & Samsung SAP API, please get Samsung Technical Support.

(Go to site  >> My Page (in the top right of the site) >> My Dashboard >> My Support Requests )