How to run app on watch from app on Android device?


How to run app on the watch with app on the Android device?

If so, I would like to know if there is any documentation available for reference.

with Galaxy Gear S3 Tizen 4.0

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Tizen .NET

As far as I know, there is no way to run the galaxy watch app from an android app with a simple function call.
In the opposite case, it is possible through the Remote App Control API.
I don't know the exact scenario you want, but in general, we can communicate between Android phone and Galaxy Watch using Samsung Accessory Protocol framework by creating Android/Galaxy watch companion apps.
Please refer to companion sample apps.

Companion App Guide 
Samsung Accessory Protocol(SAP) API
Samsung Accessory SDK Download
Samsung Accessory SDK API
Remote App Control API guide
Remote App Control API spec



ManGi Hong

Thanks for your help and can I ask you a few more questions?

I created a service that transmits sensor data measured by the watch to my Android device.

But I can't start the service again if the service is shut down or I reboot the watch

I want to know how to register the service at boot time and how to restart it when the service ends.

Tizen .NET

App launching on boot time is no longer supported due to battery consumption issue.
You should launch your service app by UI app.
In UI app, you can run service app after checking whether service app is running or not.
auto-restart feature is also not supported any more. You can launch UI app in service app's OnTerminate().


ManGi Hong

Thank you so much for your kind help :)

Tizen .NET

FYI, there's the known issue about companion app in Gear S3 (Tizen
To run C# companion apps in the Gear S3 (Tizen model, you should use the Samsung.Sap.Runtime NuGet instead of the Samsung.Sap NuGet package.
This is due to the lack of Samsung.SAP dll in the S3 model's current binary. Samsung.Sap.Runtime NuGet has included the missing dll so that SAP API works well for the Gear S3 model.

ManGi Hong

This is really ridiculously good

Thank you