How to develop for Tizen 4.0?

I just got my Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 and I'm eager to start developing for it. I set up my development environment for .NET apps and I'm now unable to use Tizen 4.0 as the target. I got a sample app running using Tizen 5.0, but it will not install on my watch as the version is too high. And the templates for Tizen 4.0 are nowhere to be seen. How can I get started using Tizen 4.0?



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Tuomo Syvänperä

The 4.0 wearable SDK also fails to install (or the emulator failes to install, actually). This is the error that's in package-managers log:

14:40:24 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 159)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified
14:40:25 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 117)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] Error: wearable-4.0-circle-x86 does not match any platform
14:40:25 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 117)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86]
14:40:25 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 117)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] Available platform
14:40:25 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 117)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] wearable-5.5-circle-x86
14:40:25 [TRACE] [ShellParser           ( 117)] -       [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] Failed to create default emulator instance
14:40:25 [ERROR] [ShellUtil             ( 190)] - Exit code => 2
14:40:25 [INFO ] [InstallProgressMonitor( 264)] -   [wearable-4.0-emulator-image-x86] Script Output:
tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified
Error: wearable-4.0-circle-x86 does not match any platform

Available platform
Failed to create default emulator instance


Tizen .NET

First of all, sorry for the inconvenience.
I would like to confirm one thing before I deliver the issue to SDK team.
"The 4.0 wearable SDK also fails to install (or the emulator failes to install, actually)"
=> You mean that you installed Tizen Studio 3.6 version and then install 4.0 wearable SDK using Tizen Studio Package Manager app but it's failed, right?
Did you try to reinstall it? (Before you use Package Manager, please close VS2019.)
(Tizen 4.0 wearable emulator is available when tizen 4.0 wearable sdk is installed successfully.)


Tuomo Syvänperä

One thing that I also failed to mention is that I'm on a Mac, not Windows.

I actually have two tizen sdks installed. At first I installed just the Tizen Studio 3.6 and that had the same problem with not being able to install wearable 4.0 sdk.

Then I noticed that you could also use Visual Studio and .NET for development, so I installed the extension for Visual Studio and reinstalled the SDK (to a different location)  using the Visual Studio extension.

I have installed and reinstalled Tizen Studio 3.6 maybe three times now, but to no avail.

Tizen .NET

Could you check the version of "Visual Studio Tools for Tizen" for VS2019?
The latest version is "".
If you have already installed this version, please try to uninstall and install it again.



Tuomo Syvänperä

I'm not on the machine that I have it installed right now, I can check it later. But I would imagine it's the latest version as I just installed it yesterday for the first time.

Tuomo Syvänperä

As I said, I'm on a Mac and the version of the Tizen extension is 1.1 (Visual Studio for Mac Extension for Tizen)


Kirill Frolov


  Tuomo, could you please correct me, as I understood, the issue reproduction steps might be following:

  1) get a Mac;

  2) Install Tizen Studio 3.6 (from this location: -- installation should be finished succesfully;

  3) Run package manager from Tizen Studio (or you can run it separately);

  4) In package manager window select tab "Main SDK", below select button with clock image, in the list press "Install" button against item labeled "4.0 Wearable" (as shown on the picture below);

  5) SDK starts installation and during installation some error message appears on the screen...

Please answer the following questions:

  1) which exact version of MacOS do you use?

  2) how you understood, that error actually happened?   Error message displayed, something other?

  3) you are pointed earlier, what you have found error messages in some package mangager's log ("This is the error that's in package-managers log...") -- what exactly you mean: this is output of package manager to stdout/stderr, to Tizen's Studio window, log file, something else?   I haven't found, that package manager produces log files, this is why I am asking.


Tuomo Syvänperä


yes, these are (one of the) ways I did this. So just as you described. Basically Visual Studio and it's extension doesn't really play a role here. The same problem exists when doing the steps you described.

And to answer your questions:

1) I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.3
2&3) ~/.package-manager/install-log/package-manager -folder has the logfile that had this error

I now managed to get this running on Linux and that installs the 4.0 wearable emulator without a hitch. Only problem is, I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it running on my Arch Linux as the installers (artificially) limits it to only Ubuntu. It would be oh so nice if the prerequisite checker was removed from the package manager. I have all the necessary prerequisites installed on my Arch machine, but it insists on doing apt install this and that. Just plain stupid. I managed to install it all in a virtual machine with Ubuntu and then just copied the whole installation over to my host machine and voila, everything just works.

But now I'm running into problems with running the code on the emulator as the emulator can't find the Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Tizen assembly.. Sigh, I wish the developer tools were better. Then maybe we could even see proper apps on Tizen...

Tuomo Syvänperä

Aha! Managed to get the thing working on my emulator in Linux after finding this:

So looks like the Visual Studio Code templates are out of date. So I'm finally (after 2 days of troubleshooting) able to develop apps on my main Linux machine. Happy, happy! Although still miffed that it was this difficult to get it running. The Mac still doesn't work, but I don't care as long as it works on my main Linux box.