Get default nfc ID

Hello, is there any way to get the nfc ID value programatically in I mean the 14 lenght  characters that the watch gives you when you put it next to a nfc reader.... can we get it throughout the code?


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Jihoon Jung

Dear, Bogdan Cepoiu.


I'm sorry, but I do not know what the 14-letter default NFC ID you mentioned.

It is likely to be an Application ID (AID) of an application included in a Watch's secure storage, but it is not sure what it is without looking at the ID.

However, Anyway, there is no interface that basically provides NFC default ID.


If you show me the example, it will be easier to answer. : )




Bogdan Cepoiu

Hello! For example, I have a NFC reader, if I turn ON the NFC on my smartwatch and I get it close to the reader, i recieve a 14 digit number, and it is the same  each time i read it, do i have any posibility to extract that programatically from the api?



Jihoon Jung

I'm sorry, Unfortunatly, I can't answer because I do not know the identity of the 14 numbers yet.

In my nfc reader and watch, such numbers are not visible.

This number may be an actual NFC ID, or it may just be an Smartcard Application ID (AID) installed in your watch.

If it is NFC ID: There is NO API interface to get it.
If it is Application ID: (If the smartcard application supports it) Your application can receive AID using "EseSecureElementTransactionEvent" interface.

First, I need to know what kind of ID. If you send me the following contents by e-mail (, I'll analyze and reply.

1. The 14 digit numbers. (If you think it is personal information, you can change the 2 ~ 6 letters behind the number to X)

2. Product name of your NFC reader.

3. Which Smartcard application is installed. (You can check in : Settings -> Connections ->  NFC -> Tap and Pay Menu)


Thanks. :)