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I have been playing with Tizen.NET Preview for a while and I am glad to see it is maturing at a great pace. .NET Standard 2 support is great.

I am also fasincated by F# the functional language that is part of .NET framework. Xamarin Forms templates for iOS and Android ship with both C# and F# support. However Tizen only ships with C# template.

I have been playing with it further by using F# .NET standard library and while that works, I can't use Type Providers as they dont seem to be supported insider .NET Standard Lib.

Snippet below is from one of my tweets. Shows the power of one of the type providers - in this instance the JsonProvider. It takes a url and returns strongly typed data set. The url i posted is invalid and hence the sequigly lines.

Could you please help create a F# app template ?



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Hermit Dave

Okay I have played with this further. F# PCL Profile7 allows referencing Type Providers. This means that I can use type providers within lib and i would need to expose concrete types  that can be used from C# project.

Hermit Dave

Whilst I could code the F# lib and access it from C# Tizen Project. Any calls to fetch data results in segmentation fault. Sigh not having much luck

Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello Hermit Dave,

I haven't seen any Notice/Document regarding F# template/support for Tizen.NET yet.


But as F# being superset of C# and as Xamarin.Forms is supporting F#, Who knows there could be a light at the end of tunnel. I've seen some of your tweets on twitter tizen tag where you've also shared your progress.


And also checked the bug you reported on Xamarin where you stated you are facing the same problem using F# PCL in android.


Please share If you have some progress on this post.

Hermit Dave

You have covered all the places where I have said things about Xamarin / Tizen dev :)

Yes I have raised an issue and i posted a repro earlier today. The same issue is found with both Xamarin Android and Xamarin Forms - Android. Waiting for their response on this.

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Hermit Dave

The following was posted on Bugzilla

One more thing, in order to connect internet, you should add internet privilidge to tizen-mainfest.xml as below.


Having done that I can connect the F# library to C# frontend.

Armaan-Ul- Islam

Can check out this Sample Application...