Error installing apps on watch

I have built 2 applications: 1 forms app and 1 service app which talk to each other.

Problem I'm running into now is when I try to install them from sdb (or .NET) on a real device.  I am able to install either the forms app OR the service app, but not both.  It doesn't matter which app I install first, I get the following error message, when installing the second one:

processing result : Register application error [-21] failed

Does anyone have any idea what this means and how to fix it?



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Tizen .NET


Please check this blog : How to Package UI and Service Applications Together and Perform Them

And refer to the sample app.

Please let us know if you still have the same error.

Mike Bolgar

I went through this guide and everything was already set properly in my projects.

Tizen .NET

processing result : Register application error [-21] failed

This error occurs when trying to insert pkg information into db.

We guess that the same appid is being used. Please check the appid of UI & service apps.

Mike Bolgar

The appid is unique for both UI app and service app in the manifests.

UI App:  appid="com.someexample.MyServiceTizenWear"

Service App: appid="com.someexample.MyServiceTizenWear"

Please let me know what else I can check... The only way that I can get both apps to install right now is to install one of the apps via Tizen Device Manager -> right click device -> install   AND at the exact same time... click on the Run button in Visual Studio .NET for the other app.


Mike Bolgar

Ok... Apparently I'm not good at copying and pasting...  I was trying to eliminate posting the real app id here and messed up.


UI App:  appid="com.someexample.MyAppTizenWear"

Service App: appid="com.someexample.MyServiceTizenWear"

Tizen .NET

Could you share the dlog file with us? (or the simple project file to reproduce this error)
Please send an email to
Thank you in advance.