Double click on app icon cause its reboot

Hi! I've double clicked, by mistake, my app icon (app that is in background execution) and i've noticed that the system has reopened it. Why? Maybe have i to implement onSleep or onResume? 


PS: i'm using cpu request lock (for 60minutes) to maintain my app in background

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Tizen .NET

As far as I know, there's no other behavior for double-click.
It's expected that it will have the same effect as running the app by clicking on the app's icon.
Your issue is that if you double-click the icon of your app on app screen, Galaxy Watch will reboot?
Does it always happen?
There's an sample app(XStopWatch) which holds the cpu lock. I tried to reproduce this scenario but no issue occurred.
If you continue to reproduce, please get help from Samsung technical support.(,

Tizen .NET

I misunderstood that watch is rebooted. Anyway, app is resumed by doing it.
Please check this out with XStopWatch app.


Hi! Thanks! Maybe i've fix the RequestLockCpu call! I will tell you next days after some other tests.... btw, i can't open XStopWatch in my Galaxy Watch, because of segmentation fault
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Tizen .NET

Please check the following post.
  Update Tizen.NET.Sdk Package in Visual Studio 16.3 or Above
You can fix it by modifying csproj file as follows:
<Project Sdk="Tizen.NET.Sdk/1.0.5">
If there's any other issue, please let us know what exception occurs.


Thanks! Now it works :D!