Custom CircleProgressBarSurfaceItem

Hello, i am trying to customize the visual appearance of a CircleProgressBarSurfaceItem to include rounded corners and a label inside, much like the attachment image. How can it be done in .net? I understand that the suggested approach is via Xamarin Form's custom renderers, but i cound not find examples regarding this, and do not understand how. Could you help me out on this issue? Thank you very much.


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Tizen .NET

Here is the sample codes about Tizen.CircularUI and guides for custom renderer in Xamarin.Forms.
CircularUI sample App -
Custom Renderer -

And I'd like to add one more document that describes a customazing image object using custom renderer in Tizen.
sample -

I can't check the image, so I don't know what exactly you want.
But I hope these documents will help you.

If you have any question, please contact us again.

Tobia Apolloni

I followed these resources, but i am still in need of help. I understand how to redefine the renderer of an image, but how can i do with a CircleProgressBarSurfaceItem? My need is to put a label over the progress bar, and rotate it to respect the screen curvature.

A good example could be the alti-barometer shown here under the section "Home Screen".

Thank you again for your time


Tizen .NET

Hello, I checked CircleProgressBarSurfaceItem class. It seems hard to extend because it is not a Xamarin.Forms.View.
If you want to customize, you may have to refine the CirclePageRenderer class.

So, I'd like to suggest to use that views separately like below samples. 

And, about more details including supported visual appearance, It would be better to inquire to Tizen.CircularUI.