<slide> component on Xaml dose Not support attributes like "minimum" and "maximum"?
When I used the <slider> component w/ "minimum"and maximum" on Xaml on Xamarin.Forms on Tizen wearable and common profile, the emulator Tizen mobile image did not work properly.
<slide> component on Xaml dose Not support attributes like "minimum" and "maximum"?
Please check this and thank in advance.


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Tizen .NET

Slider's Minimum and Maximum are supported on Tizen.
As a result of slight modification of this xamarin sample code, there is no problem with the use of Slider properties in xaml.

<Slider x:Name="slider"

I would appreciate it if you could explain more about the problem you are experiencing.

Jaehong Park

My source using <slider> is below. :



Here, when I added <slider> with Minimum=0 and Maximum=10, the wearable tizen emulator did not work well.


and on tizen common profile app like location, "",

the tizen common app did not work as I want <slider> with minimum and maximum value.


Tizen .NET

Which version of tizen wearable emulator did you use?
It works properly on tizen 5.5 wearable emulator after modifying your code as follows:

// SliderEx.Xaml
<Slider x:Name="slider01"  VerticalOptions="Center"  HorizontalOptions="Center"
                    Minimum="0" Maximum="10"
                    Margin="15,0,15,0" />

// SliderEx.Xaml.cs
// private void Slider_ValueChanged(object sender, ValueChangedEventArgs e)
if (label01 != null)
    label01.Text = String.Format("Slider01 = {0}", e.NewValue);// 0~10

Jaehong Park

I'm using tizen 5.0 wearable emulator and I'll try to use it on tizen 5.5 wearable emulator.

Then I'd like to know what galaxy watchs Tizen 5.5 wearble OS can support until now.


Tizen .NET

In my case, it also works on tizen 5.0 wearable emulator.
Until now, Tizen 5.5 based Galaxy Watch model is Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2(upgraded to Tizen 5.5).

Alexa Mendoza

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