Can't publish my app on the store

Hi everybody,


I have a Xamarin.Forms app ready for tv, smartwatch and smartphone but when i try to upload the package the web page say: "Devices which support the defined features and permissions do not exist. Please modify manifest.xml (or config.xml).". 

The cause of this error is the API version set to 4.0.0 as Tizen.Net and Xamarin forms only support the 4.0 version (Am I right?). Apparently there are no devices with Tizen 4.0.

So, why the hell Tizen for Xamarin exists if there are no devices with new Tizen and the store only accept apps supporting the 3.0 version? Am I doing something wrong?



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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Seems You have built a cross-platform app for TV, SmartWatch, SmartPhone.

Are you Using the Xamarin.Forms:'Common' Template or Xamarin.Forms:'Platform Specific template (TV, Mobile & Wearable)' ?

Do you have a single tizen-manifest.xml file or three different tizen-manifest.xml files?


If it's Okay then, Please Share your tizen-manifest.xml file/files here (Raw XML code) (Right Click-> Open With XML (text) editor).

I have 2 apps, one with common template and the other specific only for smartphone.

This is my manifest for the common one. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<manifest xmlns="" api-version="4" version="2.2.0" package="org.tizen.example.Italy_Explorer.Tizen">
<author href="" email="">Flavio Rausa</author>
<profile name="common"/>

-<ui-application launch_mode="single" type="dotnet" splash-screen-display="true" taskmanage="true" nodisplay="false" multiple="false" exec="Italy_Explorer.Tizen.dll" appid="org.tizen.example.Italy_Explorer.Tizen">
<metadata value="true" key="/"/>
<feature name="/">true</feature>
Armaan-Ul- Islam

In my template project there's xmlns="" in the <manifest .....> line (line no 2), that I don't see here and version is 1.0.0 instead of 2.2.0. You may try some trial and error process like removing screen.size.all feature, changing version, etc in tizen-manifest.xml.


Tizen Seller Office Offers a Q&A section, I would suggest you to post your query there asking for further clarification of the rejection message.

If you get some valuable response from there, please share on this thread.

Peter Wegner

Maybe read older threads...

This for example:


IMHO ""Smart""phone Tizen is dead...

Since SM-Z400F/Y I saw no progress since monthS... the other devices are dead since yearS...


dotNet for Wearables...


I have NO idea if the new incoming SM-R8xx series support dotNet...

At the moment no official announcement...


Tizen 4 is confirmed... but this means nothing.



No idea why Sam.ung not able to introduce dotNet correct... for Retail devices... Retail Store and End Users and Developers outside R&D Samsung...


Best Regards

Peter Wegner

I have no ideas about Sams.ung plans...


But really it seems. SM-R8xx series can install and start dotNet apps:


So in theory it is possible to do real device tests...

No idea when Samsung will support SM-Rxx devices in RTL Service... for tests.


IMHO at the moment I have no reason to buy these devices...


Best Regards

Juwon(Julia) Ahn

Hello, sorry for the late reply. 
At the moment you can execute your apps on the following devices:
 - Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active
 - Gear S3 / Gear Sport upgraded to Tizen 4.0
Plus, you can register Tizen .NET app to store.
You can get more information about app registration from
 - for wearable apps
 - for tv apps