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I am a beginner Tizen developer. And I decided to use the Bluetooth to send the data to anroid smartphone. I read the tutorial in Tizen docs and don't understand, how can I descovery devices nearby. Who can help me to solve the problem? And if you have the info about projects-examples, which use Bluetooth connection, can you share with me?

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

Could you check the BT guide first? (in particular, "Finding Other Devices" part)

We'll share the simple sample as soon as it's ready.





Thank you for sample)

Pyun DoHyun

To support you, we should know which operation you want to do with android phone exactly.

'Use Bluetooth to send the data ' is very abstract.

For example, BT provide several methods to transfer data.

1. Transfer data via BT Socket (RFCOMM)

2. Transfer data using file based via OPP (Object Push Profile)

3. Trasfer data via GATT (BLE)


As the selection method, the used BT APIs will be different.

And, the additional application on android is required except of '2. Transfer data using file'


Anyway, we can provide the guideline for this.

But for this, we should know the exact situation of you.


I want to recieve data from android app, than send another data to the app again. And my goal is to exchange data this way.

Pyun DoHyun

Can I know ''android app' information more detail? Did you make new android app or use the app on 'Google play store'?

If you make new app, then which BT APIs use? or if you use the original app, what is the name of app?


I don't know what APIs is used in the android app. Android app is made by another team of developers.

Pyun DoHyun

To support you, we should know the transfer method of the remote android app. As that method, tizen app also can use the proper BT APIs.

So please inform more detail information about android app