Behaviour of Samsung Tizen TVs with no network


I want a large 4k computer monitor cheap and having done some research, apparently TVs are usable as a monitor if they have good input lag. However, I am absolutely full of disgust for all of the "smart" features of contemporary TVs, especially spying activity a la Vizio. If I buy a TV, I will not plug in an Ethernet cable or allow an open WiFi network near it.

I'm considering buying a Samsung UE43TU7000 but I'm concerned about how the device will react to having no network connection and no TV channels set up. In particular, I'm concerned that it might display messages on the screen or otherwise be annoying.

Can anyone here say what the behaviour of a modern Samsung Tizen-based TV is like when denied a network connection?



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Tizen .NET

As for your question, you'd better contact Samsung Developer Support
I think that any network-related popup window will not be displayed if you change the input source from TV to PC without a network connection.
As far as I know, it's common behavior.. but please double-check before purchasing just in case.