Сellular operator name is empty

Hi guys,

We have noticed that some watch can't get spn (Service Provider Name of the SIM card), it’s return empty string.

Verizon and ATT (USA) send empty string with name, but Tele2 (Russia) works properly.

We are using the follow api:Tizen.Telephony.Sim

Here is Application code:

var listHandles = Tizen.Telephony.Manager.Init();
foreach(var handle in listHandles)
    networkNames.Add(new Tizen.Telephony.Sim(handle).Spn);

In the system logs we see this:

09-20 10:31:27.195 : Info / CAPI_TELEPHONY ( 3939 : 3939 ) : telephony_sim.c: telephony_sim_get_spn(260) > SPN: []

After several tests, we realized that airplane mode has no effect on this issue.

Could you please help us? Why we can't get spn? Or is there any other way to find out operator name of the SIM card?

Thanks, Maksim