Where are the SDK archives downloads???

Hello I'm trying to download the SDK and TV extensions to develop on older Tizen TV devices.

So there is an archives page:

But none of the 2.3 downloads are available.

On the other side, clients and Samsung certification will require to support all the older Tizen devices.

It's ridiculous: if your latest SDK can't support older devices you MUST allow installing older SDKs.


Update: I've found the direct download location and recommend Studio 2.4 web-cli


Install and add CLI to PATH:



  • Set developer mode and provide your computer IP
  • sdb connect device-IP
    tizen install -n package.wgt


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Yasin Ali

I also searched for those sdk archives but did not find any.
If you get any link please share here.

Philippe Elsass

I found legacy downloads here:

SDK 2.4.x allows installing using CLI on all our legacy Tizen TVs I've tried so far.

Philippe Elsass

PS: about versions, the Tizen CLI version doesn't necessarily match the installer. Run `tizen version`  to be sure what you've got :D

Philippe Elsass

For the benefit of avoiding confusion, the working SDK for me is the web-cli SDK from Studio 2.4:


"Interstingly" the studio 2.5 shows the same Tizen CLI version but doesn't support our legacy Tizen devices...