Wearable emulator crashes or doesn't run

Hello Community,

I'm hoping somebody can help.  I recently installed Tizen Studio 3.7 with only the wearable Tizen 4.0 downloads.  The emulators worked fine.  I then upgraded my Galaxy Active 2 to TIzen 5.5 and also updated the Tizen Studio to also have the Tizen 5.5 development tools.  I didn't test the emulators after that.  I then installed Visual Studio 2019 with a lot of C Sharp tools, the tizen framework; I hadn't yet pointed VS 2019 to the Tizen SDK path.

Now, when I try to open the Wearable emulators, I get a message that it has stopped or the emulator stays on the ELF screen and never comes to the watch face.

I saw in another post that a community member asked for logs.  "Open the emulator folder, inside that open logs folder you can find "emulator.klog, emulator.log, emulator-skin.log, emulator-skin.log.lck.     Along with this emulator logs please provide (.log) file which is present in workspace inside .metadata folder"

I have gathered these logs and posted them in a zip file here.  Additionally, since I had VS 2019 installed, I took a dump of the memory of the emulator and included the DMP file in the zip file.  I hope this helps identify the problem.

Any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to help.

Thanks very much



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Jimmy Wick

Start and run the emulator. Don't close it once you use it to run app. You can reuse the emulator to launch next time. Instead keep it running. When you try to run the app, emulator will be brought to front.

If you are still having issues, try to reduce the allocated RAM for emulator. You can edit it in sane way you created it.