Unable to create custom distributor certificate after Tizen Studio latest update (17.11.2023)

We have developed a cutom web app for Tizen TV's

Since it is for internal distribution, we are entering individual DUID's for each screen and sign the package. 

Up until the last Tizen Studio update this worked well.


Now, when creating new distributor certificate there is no such option to sign in to Samsung account and specify DUID.


We are unable to distribute our app to other TV.


How can we specify DUID's or how can we skip this step and get our app to successfully install on TV's? 

We do not want to make the app public but it should be available to install on TV's using our URL pointing to APPs folder.




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Didzis Luka-Indans

Anyone ?

Didzis Luka-Indans

Reinstall of Tizen Studio with all its internals/externals worked.

It is recommended to refer to relevant documentation or developer resources specific to the TV platform you are trying to install the app on. Additionally, reaching out to the app developer or the support team for the TV platform may provide you with more accurate guidance on specifying DUIDs or installing apps successfully.