TV Emulator doesn't work on M1 Mac



I have installed Tizen Studio on my M1 Macbook pro (Along with Android Studio) and I am having trouble starting the emulators. I get the "Your system cannot support HW virtualization... Try install KVM or HAX" error. I have HAX installed as my Android emulators require it and are functional. HAs this issue ever been addressed on an M1 mac?


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Rachel Gomez

It's because the new M1 chips run on arm Architecture and not x86. You have to download the arm compatible virtual devices those are available in the other images tab inorder to run those emulators.

Also try this:

Wipe data of the virtual device by right clicking it in AVD Manager, then rerun the project.
Check the Android Emulator box in SDK Manager -> SDK Tools



Rachel Gomez


I have the same problem, Tizen Studio & Emulator installed without problems but I can't launch the emulator. Is there any workaround to this? 

Which virtual devices are arm compatible? And where can I download them from? There only is one TV Emulator (latest, 7.0) in the Package Manager

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Malgo Block


Bonnie Chambers

 Verify that your M1 Mac supports virtualization. You can do this by checking the Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit (basket random) documentation or contacting Apple Support for information on virtualization support for M1 Macs.