Tizen Studio Debug Problem

Hello, i was using a older version of Tizen studio but when i'm using my TV to debug the app but in my debug web page nothing is displaying even after the app is installed and running on my TV. 

It is not only problem with one particular project but all other projects.

I even uninstalled the older version and installed the latest version of tizen studio but the problem still remains.

Can Anyone please help about this.

P.S. - I have attached a photo regarding this



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Rachel Gomez

In the Tizen Studio Device Manager, right-click the emulator or device, and select "Permit to install application". To launch the application in debug mode, in the "Project Explorer" view, right-click on the project you want to debug and select "Debug As > Tizen Web Application".


Rachel Gomez

Amanda Arrowood

Your use of a feature that won't function on an old version is very likely the cause of the error that happens before the devtools launch. After the dev tools begin to check the program, try reloading it (CTRL + F5) to see whether anything appears in the console.


Me too. How I can change?

Denis Podanchuk

Getting the same error while debugging on QB13R-T device.
Application is deploying to device, but on PC opens white blank chrome page. Found an error in console: "document.registerElement() is not a function..."
Device firmware is 2610

Monika Netly

In Tizen Studio, go to the "Device Manager" perspective and ensure that your TV is properly connected. Check if the TV's IP address is correctly configured in Tizen Studio's connection settings.