Tizen SDK live DVD

Tizen SDK live CD

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I would like to share ISO image that is based on Lubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit

It contains full Tizen SDK 2.3.0 installation at the /opt directory. You can try it as live CD or you can install the operating system (Tizen SDK included). Well.. it works like an ordinary Lubuntu live CD. But please read Prerequisites for the Tizen SDK first :)

Also you can build a live USB device

I reccomend to use Ubuntu Live USB Creator with Ubuntu, or Universal USB Installer (select “try unlisted linux iso” in the list) with Windows. They are nice because they leave the original boot menu. Be carefull with creating writable space ( on your USB device. It may cause real problems with performance if your USB device is not fast enough.

One more thing that is pretty important

The idea to use Ubuntu Customization Kit to create live disk comes from Russian Samsung guys (my previous attempts are associated with a creation of an image of the partiton with pre-installed operation system and Tizen SDK inside). They have their own x32 images based on Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu (please try them too). The situation with these images is almost the same but there is the preinstalled user (login: tizentest, password: tizentest) and the SDK was installed and should be used with this user.

Comments on the migration Tizen SDK to the /opt directory.

As you know, the default Tizen SDK is installed for the specified user. Moreover the installer is designed so that on the path to the SDK must contain the home directory of the user. Since the live DVD was conceived to be used without any specific user, I moved SDK to the /opt directory and preformed some additional settings with the paths and the permissions. It was not nessesary to cheat with the permissions and I could give all the users full access, but it would be too much.. wrong or something line this. I like not everything that was done (in particular, the common settings for all users), but it is what it is. Also I do not pretend that everything is done completely and correctly. But it works. If there are coments, be sure to write. Here are my steps.

  1. Move the tizen-sdk and tizen-sdk-data folders to, for example, /opt/tizen. Let <tizen-sdk> & <tizen-sdk-data> be the new paths to these folders.
  2. Set owner:group as root:root for <tizen-sdk>, <tizen-sdk-data> and all their content (it is not mandatory of course, but looks normal).
  3. Give all the users full access for <tizen-sdk-data> ind it subfolders.
  4. <tizen-sdk-data>/tizensdkpath could be removed.
  5. Edit the paths in <tizen-sdk>/
  6. Create <tizen-sdk>/tools/logs folder with write permission for all.
  7. Give all the users permission to execute <tizen-sdk>/tools/certificate-generator/
  8. Give all the users permission to write into <tizen-sdk>/tools/emulator/bin (it is terrible, but for some reason this is the place for .lock-files).
  9. Give all the users permission to write into <tizen-sdk>/ide/plugins/org.tizen.web.simulator_0.2.0.201306261724/profile (it is not great too, but Web-simulator content is generated in this directory).
  10. Give all the users permission to write into <tizen-sdk>/tools/native-ui-effect-builder.
  11. Fix all the symlinks in <tizen-sdk>/tools.
  12. Fix the paths in all the .desktop-files for Tizen SDK.
  13. Create the symlink to <tizen-sdk>/tools/sdb in /usr/bin.

And a couple more fixes related to used Web-engine.

  1. Install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 package.
  2. Append <tizen-sdk>/ide/eclipse.ini with line (without the quotes) "-Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.DefaultType=webkit".

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Kirill Chuvilin
New version is available. For changes pleasre see README.txt.
Phil rzr
thx that could be useful ... but unsure it will comply licenses ... Anyway I would add git , screen, meld, emacs and other developer tools and remove skype , gimp, , libreoffice and bloatware tools :) it would also worth to be rebased on a debian , to strip it to a single cdr Regards
Kirill Chuvilin
Thanks for your response! The software set can be easily modified with the Customization Kit. You can build your own image and share with us :) My set is such to provide the quick start with all necessary tools for everybody, not only for developers with a great experience. GIMP is for graphics, LibreOffice is for office, Skype is for messaging (yeah.. probably it should be removed). I'll add git & meld in the next build. I'm really not sure about emacs since Tizen SDK has Tizen IDE. At the moment Debian has some compatibility problems with Tizen SDK. That is why the light version of ubuntu was selected. In addition, at the moment I have no experience in building of custom images for Debian. It is cool, if you will share some information. As for the license.. I have notified the Tizen SDK team about this images. There were no complaints from them so far :)
Renat Nyazhemetdinov


At least you cannot pre-install Oracle JDK.

So... yes, we can use it for hackathons. But we cannot share it.

Kirill Chuvilin
The new version is available. Please see README.txt for the details.
Kirill Chuvilin
The new version is available. Please see README.txt for the details.
Kirill Chuvilin
The new version is available, now it is based on fresh Lubuntu 13.10. Please see README.txt for the details.
Kirill Chuvilin
The new version is available, now it is with actual Tizen 2.2.1. Please see README.txt for the details.
Philippe Coval

I would enjoy to have "minimal" x86 (32bit) to put on usb key for demos  too ?

Hi do you still maintain this distro ?

if not please share the sources scripts :)



Renat Nyazhemetdinov


We do.

But Tizen SDK is still the same version, that's why we haven't updated the image.

I thought to update Ubuntu since new version is available (14.04), but Tizen SDK doesn't work properly on it.

Also we're working on something like minimal SDK (with no Eclipse, no Oracle JDK etc), but it's still in progress.

Kirill Chuvilin

Yeah.. there are troubles with lubuntu 14.04.

So the most stable version is available in the first post.

Philippe Coval

ok nice ... 

I was thinking about the gear SDK

make sure it ships mic gbs lthor and tizen repo in sources lists

May I also request nfs-kernel-server , screen , git , rsync , mc to be part of it :-)

If the system is also instablable into less than 4GB it would be awsome

This mean no need for skype, office etc :-)

Kirill Chuvilin

You can take my buid and modify the packages as you want with Ubuntu Customization Kit.

Renat Nyazhemetdinov

And SDK for wearable is still in beta.

I think it makes sence to update our images when SDK for wearable is stable.

Kirill Chuvilin

Sure :) Hope to have common SDK for mobile, Wearable, IVI and others..

One to rule them all.

Kirill Chuvilin
I finally made Tizen SDK work with lubuntu 14.04! Image is ready. I'll upload it tomorrow when I'm home with more stable connection.
Philippe Coval

nice I'll try to test it and provide more feedback ... btw is it a x32 or x64 arch ? having a default user/password would help too  to log in from headless device


Kirill Chuvilin
All the same as previous - modified default lubuntu x64 image. Default user should be lubuntu:lubuntu.
Kirill Chuvilin

Well here is the image:
The main change is version 14.04 of lubuntu :)
More detailed changelog will be published later.

Test it please :)

Patrick Lima

I'm in trouble to install.
My computer use the EFI boot mode and when I install the system the GRUB boot menu doesn't boot.
I tryed to turn the boot mode to Legacy, but still doesn't work.
Could You help me to fix it?

Kirill Chuvilin

Hi Patrick.

I cannot tast it by myself.

But I think that common solution fits your case.

davinson garcia

can you include qt for tizen in the iso? plz.

Kirill Chuvilin

I have it in mind. But I prefer to do it after appearing of stable Qt version.

Kirill Chuvilin

New image based on Lubuntu 14.04.1 is available. The link is at the header.

For detais see README.

Kirill Chuvilin

Oh. Tizen SDK 2.3.0 is used :)

panpan liu


Kirill Chuvilin


I apologize for my mistakes in Chinese. I do not speak your language. 
Probably it is better to use English here.

Philippe Coval

An update before TDC2015 would be appreciated for devlabs ...

An i386 (32bit) version could help too.


Kirill Chuvilin
I beleave an update will be usefull.
But, unfortunately, right now I personally have no time to build a new version.
And I was not invited at TDC2015, alas.