[SOLVED] SDK 2.2 installer for Mac broken?

Trying to execute on my MacBook Pro / OSX Mavericks gets me this message " is damaged and can't be opened."

Whats up? My OpenGL stuff seem to bug on the Ubuntu64bit emulator so I thought I'd give it a shot on the Mac just in case I'd finish the project by the app compo deadline but not looking too hot atm :p

EDIT: As a Mac noob I wasn't aware you had to allow installations from "unidentified developers" (wtf) to do this. Weirdly enough I had no such trouble with SDK 2.1 and the error message was quite misleading. Sorry, false alarm.

- Matti



Edited by: Matti Dahlbom on 24 Oct, 2013


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Raghu Kona

Hi Matti,

If possible, can you please share the solution so that it can be helpful to others.


Raghu Kona

Konstantin Konstantinov

The really helpful solution: Tizen developers should upload working installer for Mac ; )

I have the same issue on Mac. And I think It's quite strange behavior of Tizen employes. Why they force n people to spend their time to fix this, instead of 1 employe can spend that time once to fix the installer?.. Even Android NDK development in it's early and dark ages was more user-friendly

Evgeny Sorokin

Hi Raghu,

i had the same problem executing Tizen SDK v 2.2 installer

for me the solution was:

1) mount installer

2) open

3) go to Contents/Resources/Java, (there should be 2 files: InstallManager.jar, installmanager.conf)

4) execute in terminal: java -XstartOnFirstThread -Dorg.eclipse.swt.internal.carbon.smallFonts -jar InstallManager.jar

5) follow instructions

hope this helps


Raghu Kona

Hi Evgeny Sorokin, Thanks a lot for sharing the solution. Appreciate it.