new install - sample app won't call callbacks


I just installed Tizen Studio and SDK on Windows 10.  I downloaded the sample app ClassicWatch and it builds fine.  When I debug it, it launches the emulator, I can step through app_create() just fine.  I click Resume and it just sits there.  it never calls app_time_tick().  I even made a trivial change and recompiled, and I can see the change.  It just seems to refuse to execute the calllbacks.  I shut off AVG virus, no difference.  Suggestions?

Oh, I'm running Java 9.0.4. 





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Karthik Bhat

Hi Olivia,

Sorry for the delay in response. Are you still facing this issue?

Can you please confirm the Tizen Studio version and the platform/profile version for which you are facing this issue?

Thanks and Regards

Karthik Bhat

Aditya Aswani


java 9 was not supported with Tizen Studio. Request you to download newer Tizen Studio 3.7 available at

There is no prerequisite for Java in this version of Tizen Studio. Request you to please use 3.7 and let us know if you face any issues.