missing msvcr120.dll in v3.1 emulator

I just upated to version 3.1 IDE (windoze).

When I start the emulator, i get a message that it cannot find the msvcr120.dll, and cannot proceed (actually, I get two dialog messages).

I tried this again on a tizen v2.5 IDE, and it still works: no missing dll message.

Haven't tried on ubuntu system yet.

I have tried all of the fixes I found on google, but none seem to work.


Any ideas?






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Sergey Shalyapin

Hi Ken,


Had the same problem. The solution is to update Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio. You can do it by the link "". Recomendation: install vcredist_x86.exe even if you have 64-bit system. This will fix the problem.


Moreover, check if you have no spaces in folder name, where you are installing SDK. The installation can be complited successfully, but you will catch errors like "can't resolve path", because of spaces. Thats confusing.


Best regards,