Issues installing Tizen on MacOS (Catalina)

Hi all,

I'm having issues installing Tizen on MacOS using Catalina, the followinghappens.

I've downloaded the installation file, doubleclick on it, all seems to be OK until it complates, I check the 'Launch the Package Manager' and click 'Install' and then nothing happens,nothing at all. Eventaully the 'Install' button disappears.

If I then go to the tizen-studio/ I get the attached error popup, looks java related.

I had installed the latest version of Java, then read that it had to be 8, so Ideleted 13 and installed 8, no difference.

Tizen Studio itself loads, but I can't load Emulator Manager, itsays that 'Emulator Manager is not installed'.I suspect becasue I need to isntall it viathe Package Manager, which does not work.

Anyadvise on how to proceed would be great.

Thank you! 


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Aditya Aswani

Hi, Regret for the issues you faced with Tizen Studio. TS 3.6 depended on java setup and Path and JAVA_HOME env variable due to which some users faced issue launching some tools.

Can you please try with the latest Tizen Studio 3.7 available at

There is no prerequisite for Java in this version of Tizen Studio.