Different build flavours for testing and production?

I’m developing a Tizen Native API App using Tizen Studio. How can I configure the build system to generate two different flavours of the same project, one for Testing and one for Production?

In the end I’d like to get two different binaries:

  • org.example.myapp-testing-1.0.19-arm.tpk
  • org.example.myapp-1.0.19-arm.tpk

In the code I would need some way to change certain strings depending on the currently active flavour.

I’ve played around with the Tizen build variables but I was not able to use them in the manifest file or in code.

How is this correctly done in Tizen Studio?


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Jimmy Wick

Once the new project is created, by default it consists of two build types/variants - debug, release. Debug is the build type that is used when we run the application from the IDE directly onto a device. A release is the build type that requires you to sign the APK.