Device Manager not opening on Windows 10

This is my first time setting up Tizen Studio and im looking forward to using it.

I've set up the 'Basic Watch' demo project to test everything before starting to code and this is where i stumbled upon the first problem - the Device Manager won't start. No error messages, no response, in the task manager it opens up and closes right after.
Since I'm a beginner and trying to code something for my smartwatch, I installed the Main SDK 4.0 Wearable, all Tizen SDK tools and all Extras in Extension SDK.
I guess (/hope) it's a simple error, but I don't know how to start debugging this.

Searching for this issue didn't get me far, everything is updated and setting it up completely new didn't help either.

Can someone help please? :)
What information is needed to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Triet Nguyen


I'm trying to figure out how to resolve the same issue.

However, afaik, the issue happened since the time I replace jdk 8 to 13. I've tried rolling back to jdk8(clean install), parallel installations of 8/13, run "Find" jdk/jre". Nothing seems to work.

The only workaround I've known so far: Either running Tizen studio with Admin Priv. or run a separated instance of Device Manager with Admin Priv. Both work fine for me, as Admin/Common User priv don't affect the Android applications on target device.

I don't know why there was such an issue/glitch like this.

I hope my approach works on you.

I guess the only fix is to fresh install Windows.


I faced the same problem. To solve it - I delete java 13 and install java 8. Everything work!

John Bizeray

I am having the same issue.

When I attempt to run the device manager (including from the cli) nothing opens and no error messages.

OS: Win 10

java -version output:

java version "1.8.0_241"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_241-b07)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.241-b07, mixed mode)

javac -version output:
javac 13.0.2

I have noted the suggestion that I uninstall java 13 and install java 8 but cannot believe that would be necessary since I would be hopeful that the Tizen SDK is being maintained.




John Bizeray

I installed jdk-8.  The device manager started.  So it appears the device manager does not work with recent versions of jdk.

Now I need to figure why my Gear S3 will not connect.

It is on the network.  I have reserved it an IP address. 

The Tizen saga continues.