Developing web application without using Tizen IDE

I'm in a team that's developing a large web application for multiple platforms, including Tizen, LG WebOS and gaming consoles.


As you can imagine Tizen Stuido won't be our development IDE in this case (it'll be VSCode and WebStorm).


However, we do want the ability to debug the application on the TV but it looks like Tizen Studio is our only choice when it comes to debugging.


The official documentation are mostly about developing application using Tizen Studio IDE, which itself is quite primitve comparing to VSCode and WebStorm and therefore not very useful for our use case. Would be very much appriecated if someone could shed some lights on the following questions:


1. Is there way to start a debugging session from the command line? We can package and deploy to the TV using "sdb" and "tizen" command, but is there a command for starting debugging?


2. If Tizen Studio IDE is absolutely needed for debugging, is there detailed documentation WRT importing an exiting non-tizen-project into Tizen Studio? I've tried to using "tizen create web-project" command to generate the barebone of the project (".tproject" file and we've got "config.xml"), and then copy our JS (a big bundle.js) and static files in there. I then open the directory in the IDE but the IDE does not link any SDK libraries with the project, therefore I wasn't able to create any run configurations.


The only way I made it work in the IDE is by creating a "empty TV project" through the IDE itself, and then copy the JS and statics files over manually. The IDE managed to link the SDK libaries in this case and I can run/debugging using the IDE. However, this is not very efficient and it's not documented and more of a hack to get it to work.


It'd be nice if the popular IDEs can be used to develop Tizen web applications.

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Christof Meerwald

Assuming it's the same on the TV as on the smart watches, you would just start the app via "sdb shell" using "app_launcher", e.g

sdb shell app_launcher -w -s

and then connect from a browser to the IP-address (of the device) and the port shown.


Thanks for the reply! I think this could work.

However, do you know where I can find any documenations about the "app_launcher" command?

The official "SDB" samsung documenation is a bit "sparse" and has no reference to "app_launcher" at all.

Christof Meerwald

There is some information on the Tizen Wiki, e.g. or

It's not documented with the "sdb" command, as "sdb" is only used to get a shell on the device.

jack nelson

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jack nelson

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Roy Appleby

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