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This is kind of an open question to you who are developing in Tizen Studio.

I'm a quite experienced developer (+15 years) who like to test different IDE's, SDK's etc to test applications on different platforms (Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, MacOS etc.).

I'm interested to be able to develop Tizen Wearable (Watch) applications since I'm an Galaxy Watch owner so I thought I try it out.

But after spending a few hours I still havn't been able to run the emulator or trying to run the app on my watch...

First there were problems installing the Tizen Studio IDE. After a few tries and Googling answers there was a specific version of JDK that was needed. There were a number of people having the problem during a number of years (which different version has been released) with difference solutions.

Finally I was able to install but the IDE didn't start. After some more Googling I downgraded JDK even more (to version 8) and it started.

Now I get an error in the emulator and I can't connect to my watch (Galaxy Watch).

I've searched for an answer but no solution seems to work.

So to my question(s):

Is it worth trying to continue?
It seems to be a very "broken" developer experience to use Tizen Studio?
Or am I unlucky somehow?

I'm using Windows 10.



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Karthik Bhat

Hi Andreas,

We are sorry for the bad experience with Tizen Studio.  Tizen Studio will start supporting latest JAVA (i.e. JAVA 12) from 3.5 onwards till then it is recommended to use JDK 8.


Regarding Emulator Error could you share the exact problem you are facing? I hope you have installed HAXM and enabled CPU Virtualization as described here

If you could share the exact error you are facing it would help us solve the issue faster.


Regarding "I can't connect to my watch (Galaxy Watch)." could you please share if USB debugging was enabled? You can enable the same from the settings,

Please provide us the above info to guide you better.


Thanks and Regards

Karthik Bhat

Stefan Stoica

You can play with it but keep in mind that it is still at the beginning. The lack of support and missing implementations (especialy on WEB part) is frustrating for a developer. It has potential but I don't think Samsung wants to invest to speed up its development.

Karthik Bhat

Hi Stefan,

Regret the experience. I understand there are lot of places that can be improved.

Can you please suggest some major pain points you faced durign Web development so that we can work on addressing the same?

It would be great to get feedback from you to improve the overall developer experience.



Jonathan Gallimore

I'm in a similar situation. I love my Galaxy Watch and want to do some development for it, but just can't seem to get started. Specific issues are:

I can't get Tizen Studio to even start on my Mac (Its running MacOS Catalina - I'm guessing that's an issue...)

Neither a QEMU/KVM VM with Windows 10, nor a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 seem to be able to run the emulator - in both cases it just hangs with high CPU usage at "Booting the kernel". I attempted to turn off Hyper-V and install HAXM on the Surface Pro 4 - that didn't go well. Windows refused to boot after that and required a restore.

So at this point, I've tried 3 machines and I'm now out of hardware I can try this on. Is there any way I can get this going? The Hyper-V/HAXM issue looks to be an issue for me. Is there any way to run the emulator without that?

I have an old (ish) Mac Mini running an older version of MacOS. I'll give it a shot on that and let you know how it goes.

Karthik Bhat

Hi Jonathan,

Regret the experience during your usage.

For Windows 10 with HAXM installed can you please let us know the following-

1) Click on the Emulator->Edit-> HW Support . Can you please let us know if CPU VT and GPU are turned on? Else can you please turn them on and try once?


For MacOS Catalina unfortunetly we have not verified the IDE yet. We support till MacOS  Mojave. We will try to add the support soon in our next release.


Please let us know if you still face issues with Emulator on Windowsd 10 after enabling CPU VT for emulator in Windows 10(with HAXM installed).