Can't install app to TV (PMF-BC) | usb | url-launcher | sdbcommandrejectedexception:closed

Hello people, dear samsung,

I'm struggling for a week now to install a web app on a PMF43-BC Display. There are three of these displays :/


#1 tizen sdk

I installed the newest Tizen Studio 3.0 and the TV extension 3.0 following this guide:

After installing all updates and extensions (updating the certificate manager was important) I generated a partner certificate with my samsung account.
In the device manager I found the TV and sucessfully selected "Permit Device To Install Applications" (right click on device).

Now if I try to install my app (built as a signed pacakge, *.wgt file) via right-click --> "install app", I get the error mentioned above: org.tizen.sdblib.exception.SdbCommandRejectedException: closed

No Success.

The app runs fine on the device via Run > Run As > Tizen Web Application.


#2 usb

On the TV there is the option to install web-app via usb. However there is no manual for this.

These posts dealed with the toppic, but all samsung links are dead.   (since usb install has been abandoned. Since which firmware?)

I copied the *.wgt file together with the sssp_config.xml file on a usb stick. Also copied it to a "userwidget" folder.

TV says something like "no application found". No Success.


#3 url-launcher

I hosted a folder with the *.wgt file and sssp_config.xml file on a local network via twistd.

Set the TV to developer mode and entered the pc's ip address.

Set the URL launcher's address to the hosted folder.

No Success (something like "no application found"). Same problems here:

I couldn't find any official manual for using the url-launcher. Samsung mail support wrote:

"You will then need to go to Home, URL Launcher Setting then Install Web App and enter the web address."

... which web-address to where to what?


#4 Firmware Updates ?

The PM43F-BC display has tizen 2.4 and the spsss has a firmware version 2030.0.
On the webpage from a commercial signage company I found an image with version 2060.0 but I'm afraid to brick the TV, since it's no official source.

Here is another company, which seems to have a version 2040.0 (see the google drive document). Didn't try this either.

From samsung's side there is no information about updates.
The update server the TV is trying to connect to seem to be dead.
So for now it looks like abandonware still being sold for $2499.00 per display (with this old software installed !).



#FYI completely different way to display content

As for now, I found a quirky (and bad) alternative.
Use samsung MagicInfo2 to create a FullScreen Web-Widget.
The Widgets URL points to a local html server (i.e.
Upload the magic-info show to the tv.
I use a raspberry pi + twistd attached to the ethernet port of the TV.
On startup the TV loads the content.
Performance is really bad compared to a tizen webapp,
although the browser specs (version ...) reported to the twistd-html-server are the same as when running a web-app with tizen.



# forum research, similiar topics (same topic on the samsung forum)



I'm happy for any hint.

What else could I try? Buy LG displays next time?

(I had to remove all hyperlinks, since "External links are not permitted.")

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello Yokohama,

You might create a Technichal Support Ticket on DisplaySolutions.Samsung


In Addition, Samsung TV Seller Office also provides 1:1 Q&A Support if you have published any app there.

 Samsung Apps TV Seller Office>Support > 1:1 QA


Hi Yokohama,

How did you solve the issue please ?



Guntar Aue

Hi...I made the restore of the TV to the factory defaults, and I was able to put it in the Develop Mode.
I continued with the tutorial steps, and the SS IPTV was successfully reinstalled, but if disables the Develop Mode the SS IPTV is uninstalled, even disabling the automatic update of the TV and applications on the Smart Hub.