Cannot create Tizen Static (Shared) Library Project in Tizen Studio

Hi All,


I am trying to write a static library on Tizen studio. But fails and get error message below.


Project cannot be created.

Reason: Internal Error:

String index out of range: 2

Got the same error for creating Shared library as well.


 I did following steps in tizen studio.

File -> New -> Other -> C/C++ Project -> C Managed Build -> Tizen Native Static Library -> Tizen Static Library Project -> Finish


< environment >
Tizen studio version : 3.6
Selected Tollchain is 'Tizen native Toolchain'


Do you know how to create static library in tizen studio?


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Daniel Chung

I created library with steps below rather than "File -> New -> Other " menu.

File -> New -> Tizen Project -> Template -> Mobile/Wearable -> Native Application -> Shared/Static Library