Can not run WebAssembly code on Tizen TV Model: UA55RU7100KXXL

I am building a Tizen TV Application
using Rust and Webassembly 
but my rust code did not work on the Samsung TV series 7 (Model: UA55RU7100KXXT / Model: UA55RU7100KXXL)
but the same code is supported on Samsung TV series 4s (Model: UA32T4400ARSFS)



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garfield rowland

@Shazid Nawas Shovon

Hello, I think you should  verify the Tizen version running on the Samsung TV series 7 models. Make sure it is compatible with WebAssembly and Rust. Different Tizen versions may have varying levels of support for WebAssembly.

David Sadler

That's interesting. It seems like there might be compatibility issues specific to the Samsung TV Series 7. Check if there are any firmware updates for your TV model. Sometimes, newer models might require adjustments in your Rust and WebAssembly code. You may also want to explore the Tizen developer forums or Samsung's support for insights. Good luck, and I hope you get it sorted! If you have more questions, feel free to ask.


Tom Cruise

There might be an incompatibility issue with the Samsung TV series 7 model when running Rust and WebAssembly code. You may need to check for any differences in support or configuration between the TV models that are causing the issue.