Can not install Tizen Studio on Ubuntu 19.04

Can not install Tizen Studio on Ubuntu 19.04

It requires very old library libwebkitgtk

Tried to install Tizen Studio 2.5 and 3.3


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Karthik Bhat

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the question. Currently Tizen Studio is supported till 18.04.

Ubuntu 19.04 is not yet officially supported we are working on the same.


Meanwhile can you try to install the libwebgtk using the deb file like mentioned here

You can also refer to for few troubleshooting tips.

We will work on 19.04 support.

Please let us know if the above solution worked for you.


Thanks and Regards


Denis Podanchuk

Hello and thank for reply!

I set up Win7 on virtual machine and it helps. But this solution is temporary and extremely uncomfortable.

So I set up tizen studio cli. It seems to work but I stuck on project packaging.

Let me explain my way. I have a sources with existing application. My following steps were:

1. Generated certificate. reffering to
    command: tizen certificate -a mycompany -p mypass -c UA -o "MyCompany" -u Development -e se*****@*****.com -f mycompany

2. Added new security profile. Ref:
    command: tizen security-profiles add -n MyCompany -a /.../tizen-studio-data/keystore/author/mycompany.p12 -p mypass
    next: tizen security-profiles list
             Loaded in '/.../tizen-studio-data/profile/profiles.xml'.
             [Profile Name]      [Active]  
             MyCompany          O

3. Tried to create package. Ref:

    command: tizen package -t wgt --sign MyCompany -- /..../MyApp
    getting an error:  An error has occurred. See the log file tizen-sdk/tools/ide/cli.log
    unfortunately can not find file cli.log