Build for only simulator

Hi, guys!

I can build native app. for simulator and device (host: 4df78e2b240acf00).

But in one beautifull day, it builds for only simulator, I see exe (x86/le) file in Binaries folder. There's no way to run on device (now host: no_device). While I can rebuild old example and run it on device. From now, every new project I have created, it runs on only simulator after build.

What did I made wrong with configuration? Please help me to fix!

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Cuong Thai
What's wrong with me ? With old project "BasicApp", in "Debug/src/makefile", there is clang++ -o"BasicApp.exe" $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) $(LIBS) -L"/home/htk/workspace/BasicApp/lib" -target arm-tizen-linux-gnueabi -gcc-toolchain /home/htk/tizen-sdk/tools/smart-build-interface/../arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.5/ -ccc-gcc-name arm-linux-gnueabi-g++ -march=armv7-a -mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=vfpv3-d16 -mtune=cortex-a8 -Xlinker --as-needed -pie -lpthread -Xlinker -rpath="/opt/usr/apps/GzQh4QDy3Z/lib" -Xlinker -rpath="/home/developer/sdk_tools/lib" --sysroot="/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-device-2.1.native" -L"/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-device-2.1.native/usr/lib" -L"/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-device-2.1.native/usr/lib/osp" -losp-uifw -losp-appfw -losp-image -losp-json -losp-ime -losp-net -lpthread -losp-content -losp-locations -losp-telephony -losp-uix -losp-media -losp-messaging -losp-web -losp-social -losp-wifi -losp-bluetooth -losp-nfc -losp-face -losp-speech-tts -losp-shell -losp-shell-core -losp-speech-stt -losp-vision -lxml2 What's the hell with every new app. there is clang++ -o"Cipher.exe" $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) $(LIBS) -L"/home/htk/workspace/Cipher/lib" -target i386-tizen-linux-gnueabi -gcc-toolchain /home/htk/tizen-sdk/tools/smart-build-interface/../i386-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.5/ -ccc-gcc-name i386-linux-gnueabi-g++ -march=i386 -Xlinker --as-needed -pie -lpthread -Xlinker -rpath="/opt/usr/apps/rQAqTPbrcj/lib" -Xlinker -rpath="/home/developer/sdk_tools/lib" --sysroot="/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-emulator-2.1.native" -L"/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-emulator-2.1.native/usr/lib" -L"/home/htk/tizen-sdk/platforms/tizen2.1/rootstraps/tizen-emulator-2.1.native/usr/lib/osp" -losp-uifw -losp-appfw -losp-image -losp-json -losp-ime -losp-net -lpthread -losp-content -losp-locations -losp-telephony -losp-uix -losp-media -losp-messaging -losp-web -losp-social -losp-wifi -losp-bluetooth -losp-nfc -losp-face -losp-speech-tts -losp-speech-stt -losp-shell -losp-shell-core -losp-vision -lxml2
Lakshmi Grandhi
Hi , After seeing logs from second build its clear that you are building for x86 target not arm target, please the settings for arm target. old app: "ARM" compiler is used. -target : arm-tizen-linux-gnueabi new app: i386 compiler is used for x86 target for emulator. -target : i386-tizen-linux-gnueabi
Cuong Thai
I know what i386 and arm are. But I don't understand why it is i386, where I have to set to arm? I didn't write makefile in Debug, it is generated. Currently I found stupid way to work around: start simulator to build, and Run as -> Tizen Native Application, it will install on device (don't know why ?) It means I don't need simulator but I have to start it, then app can be run on device (hell knows!)
talari praveen kumar
hi please choose the target device in the 'connection explorer' and try to build
Cuong Thai
Thanks, talari praveen kumar! It buids for arm now.
Ashwini Kumar


I am using Tizen 2.3 Mobile SDK. The Emulator it creates is for x86.

How can I build and deploy apps from SDK/IDE to the target device, which is Tizen mobile (ARM Target).

I couldn't see anyway to specify target ARCH for my build.

Any help is appreciated.



daniel kim


You need to right-click your project in Project explorer of IDE and select Properties menu inside.

Then you can find  Architectireu menu after you go to C/C++ build --> Tizen Settings--> platform tab

I wish this will help you.