App cannot launch on device: Error "closed"

I am unable to debug my app on a connected Samsung TV device or emulator, only in web simulators. Error message simply says

Launching <project> has encountered a problem.closed 

I have created a Tizen Certificate and have followed the steps for launching on device. This project has been imported. I have also tried running sample apps HelloTizen and am experiencing the same problem.

Where can I access more informative logs? Log panels are emtpy

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Aussi Guy
Sergey Nadtochii

Hello, i have the same problem while trying run any app on my tv. Tizen studio allways shows me error: "closed closed" It doesn't give any additional info to understand where is the problem. I've tried to run some hello world apps which i've found in tizen studio, project creation menu. I tried v4.0 and v5.0 versions of web applications and they're allways throw me that error. I have 2018 model tv - nu7100 as i understand it works on tizen os v4.0 so it probably can run at least my v4.0 applications. I've also made certificates and sent them to my tv for acquiring my apps. I don't understand what that error means please help me.


Hi All,

how did you solve the "closed" error please ?


Peter Groft

To launch the application in normal mode, right-click the project in the "Project Explorer" view, and select "Run As" and a specific launch mode:

"Tizen Web Application": Run the application on the connected device.
"Tizen Web Unit Test Application": Run the application with unit tests.

To launch the application in debug mode, right-click the project in the "Project Explorer" view, and select "Debug As > Tizen Web Application".
The Web Inspector runs automatically when you launch the application in debug mode. It is based on the WebKit Web Inspector, and has been modified to support remote debugging.