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Hello, I'm new to this and to Enlightenment in general. I come from a C++/QT background and am working through tutorials and API docs to get started. I have a list based app design, where I show a list, the user touches a list element, and this brings up a second list. I am trying to do this Native so I can persist some global data in a way I understand (I am not a javascript developer, though will learn if I can't get through the native side). Anyway, if I wanted a set of nested lists, what's the best way to do this using Enlightment? In QT, I would create a set of QFrames or QWidgets and then show/hide them as needed. Is there a similar way to do that here? What's the preferred wearable way to show multiple windows based on decisions?

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Brian Wilde

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Kendra Kautzer

I think the app is well designed. The UI is simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to use. A good example of this is the Watch App Design Question screen, where a user can easily answer a question by pressing one of two buttons on the screen. The only major flaw I noticed was that the app did not have any error handling in place when a user could not connect their phone via Bluetooth. This would be an easy fix for them, but it's still something they should consider adding in future releases of the app.

Sedrik Mao