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Can anyone help me in creating VPN app?




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Peter Wegner



If you mean with VPN something with network... ?


I can't remember to find any VPN apps in Tizen Store for Mobiles... nor for Wearables...

So I am not 100 % sure if these kind of apps are "welcome" by QA/Samsung...


Maybe if you deliver few more details...

Like for what..

Mobile or Wearable or TV or ?


And maybe your wish of Tizen API...


No idea if you want start with Tizen


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Peter Wegner

Hmmm... short tried Google with search text string:

VPN Tizen



and few more...


But still I can't see final VPN example which bypass QA...


But maybe I am wrong.


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Supreeth Kumar

Thanks Peter,

I'm creating VPN client solution which is using openVPN. I went through , I dint get much idea about VPN. Do you know what are the steps required to create VPN Client to connect VPN server

Peter Wegner

Sorry, I am not smart enough to help you.

I am more end user.


But still the question is... For Mobile or Wearable or any other Tizen device?



Because I am pretty sure...

Samsung not allow all kind of apps in there Stores...


There are more Restrictions as Limitations by OS...


So be sure VPN apps allready exists in Store...

Or maybe you doing this not for Store...


As just for fun project.


Network stuff also sometimes require Privilege Level:

Partner Level

or Highest:

Platform Level


Not all can be done with only Public Level Privilege...



Only as info from End User.


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Peter Wegner

Little overview about Priveleges and Privilege Level...


Few of them are since Tizen 2.3... 2.4 ...

Wearable could have few more or less... minimum SAP...


Maybe you can see what you need for your VPN project...


Maybe I am wrong and you can all VPN features manage with only Public signed app... and this app will still valid for QA tests and Tizen Store...


Good luck.


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Supreeth Kumar

Thanks for your supporting reply and usefull links  :)

Its for Mobile platform.

Peter Wegner

I have SM-Z130H.


If I search in Tizen Store for text/search string:


I have 0 hits.

Tizen version


This is what I meant... I can not remember since beginning of SM-Zxxxx series... to have such Tool.


Reason can not be... nobody is able to do this...


From time to time somebody asked for VPN...


Moderats answers are little bit misleading...

They know what is not welcome...


This is 1 big difference between Android and Tizen...

For Android you can do what ever you want....

In Tizen... it is only allowed what Samsung want.



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Supreeth Kumar

Hi Peter,

The VPV Api added from Tizen 3.0 version,  which is available in Z4 device and is launched 15 days back.


Regards Supreeth

John Ixion

ZeroTier would be great on Tizen:

they will help you, that's for sure ;)

John Ixion

An excellent alternative is to develop a Tizen VPN client with one of these VPN providers: they shoud reward you ;)


Steven Brown

I somewhat agree with you that if you use VPNs frequently, you’re probably extremely grateful for how much simpler using a VPN and connecting to a VPN server is with such 3rd party vpn providers like NordVPN, Expressvpn with quick setup process. Yes there may be different reasons to go for Private VPN client. Like i was reading Cyberghost review and i saw one major downside is the speed. But again 3rd party VPN is easy to get but can not exactly match the nature of Private VPN client

Steven Brown

With now my understanding there are a few vpn services which are working on managing their speed and tackling this effectively. Specially i personally tested a few vpn services and Surfshark with rightly said and mentioned here that speed is counter with much improved results now. I experineced this personalu and way better results than before

John Ixion

published today !

Best VPN for India, probably the best partners for you ;)




Peter Wegner




The application needs the partner level privilege for accessing the VPN service daemon.



No idea if you can create VPN app, if you are normal Developer with Public Certificate only...


Best Regards

John Ixion
Piyush Gupta

VPN allows Users to Change Thier Geolocation so With this Help you can Easily change Your Location for Example you are in India. You use VPN and Choose USA Location in VPN, so this is how it Helps Users to Change Geolocation. Top 7 Best VPN in India 

<a href="" class="ext"></a>


Mike Brian

I, recently use It works amazing check this out too... 


Devin Smith

I agreed, 3rd party VPN software is more conventional and easy to use. But one major factor is the speed. Most of the 3rd party VPN services slow your system when you are connecting with VPN. I would recommend seeing the speed tests first of VPN software. Just FIND few speed tests mentioned from VPN services 

3rd party vpn services are cost-effective as well but again developing own VPN client gives you always a better performance.

Steven Brown

3rd party is in my understanding is better than setting up a private vpn.. cost effective with even better speed and the issue having bad spped is resolved by many top quality vpn services like surfshark. And it is wise to have such vpn services. They are working on managing their speed and tackling this effectively. 

Brandi Duncan

Building your own VPN may sound like a complicated undertaking, but you don't need to be a coder to do it. There is a need for some technical know-how, but the payoff is well worth your time and effort canuckle.

Sedrik Mao


laura lorde

If you're looking for a VPN app, you're likely to be frustrated. There are so many different VPN apps available, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right VPN app: first, consider the features that you need.

laura lorde

Once you've decided on the right VPN app, it's important to test it out. You can do this by using a variety of test scenarios, like connecting to a blocked website or streaming a movie. If the VPN app works as expected, you're likely to be happy with it. However, if the VPN app fails to connect or fails to streaming a movie, you may want to consider another one melon playground

tracy berge

You cannot make the same comment on one video twice
To add a VPN service to your app create an Android service inheriting from VpnService . Declare the VPN service in your app manifest file with the following additions: Protect the service with the BIND_VPN_SERVICE permission so that only the system can bind to your service. Advertise the service with the "android. 

Kath Rose

It's important to note that creating a VPN app is a complex and challenging task that requires a deep understanding of network security, encryption, and VPN protocols evansville concrete contractors. You may want to consider working with a team of experienced developers or hiring a development agency to help you create your app.

  1. Choose a VPN protocol: There are several VPN protocols available, including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2. You need to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  2. Design the app: You need to design the user interface for your app. The UI should include options to connect to the VPN server, disconnect, and select the server location.

  3. Write the code: You need to write the code that implements the VPN protocol. This involves establishing a connection with the VPN server, encrypting and decrypting data, and managing the connection. home remodeling NJ..

  4. Test the app: You need to test the app thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected. You should test it on various devices and operating systems.

  5. Publish the app: Once you have tested the app, you can publish it on the relevant app stores.

Note that developing a VPN app can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you are new to the topic. You may need to seek assistance from a professional developer or refer to relevant documentation and tutorials. Additionally, you will need to ensure that your app complies with relevant laws and regulations related to VPN services.

Mary Solero

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Yes, I can provide you with some guidance on how to create a VPN app in Tizen.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Tizen: Before you start creating a VPN app, make sure you are familiar with the Tizen operating system and development environment. You can start by reading the Tizen developer documentation and downloading the Tizen Studio IDE.

  2. Choose a VPN protocol: There are several VPN protocols available, including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec. You will need to choose one and implement it in your app.

  3. Write the VPN code: You will need to write the code that implements the VPN protocol in your Tizen app. You can use existing VPN libraries, such as OpenVPN, or write your own VPN code.

  4. Create a UI: Your app will need a user interface to allow users to configure and connect to the VPN. You can use the Tizen UI framework to create your UI.

  5. Test your app: Once you have written your app, you will need to test it to ensure it works correctly. You can use the Tizen emulator to test your app or deploy it to a Tizen device.

  6. Submit your app: Once you have tested your app, you can submit it to the Tizen Store for others to download and use.

Keep in mind that creating a VPN app can be complex, so it may be helpful to work with a team or hire a developer with experience in creating VPN apps.

alan cubero

Creating a VPN app requires a good understanding of networking, security, Garten Of Banban and mobile app development

otis jame

Choose a programming language Pizza Tower and framework: Decide on the programming language and framework you want to use for building your app. Some popular choices include Java, Kotlin, Swift, and React Native.

Bonnie Chambers

Hope the forum is always growing

Patricia Adams

It worked again.

Patricia Adams

I want to subscribe to BLE service.

Robert Losey

Thanks for sharing

Nice sharing!!


Third-party VPN software is more traditional and user-friendly, I concurred. However, speed is a significant role like what we use when searching for photo booth rental near me. When you connect to a VPN, the majority of third-party VPN services slow down your computer. I suggest checking out the VPN software's speed tests beforehand. A few speed tests from VPN services can be found here.  

jonathan liz

As far as I know, the easiest way is to use the built-in tool of Windows to create a VPN 

Manuel Wade

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Usha Destination

What a fantastic post. This was actually too much informatics for me.


An excellent alternative is to develop a Tizen VPN client with one of these VPN providers:

uhphjn v758

 To help people connect to a VPN service without complex configuration. The rest of this guide explains how to develop VPN apps  

Elizabeth Delaune

Determine the specific features and functionalities you want your VPN app to have. Consider factors like server locations, encryption protocols, user authentication, and connection stability.

Elizabeth Delaune

 Stay updated with security patches, bug fixes, and new features to provide a smooth and secure experience for your VPN app users.

moke ajcs

There are many good apps that make using a VPN  extremely easy. Of these, StrongVPN is for advanced users, while SurfEasy and TunnelBear are simpler and more suitable for general users. SurfEasy's advantage is speed, while TunnelBear has no constraints for beginners.