Unable to access Location and Heart Rate at the same time in the Native Service

I'm working on a Hybrid Application (Web UI + Native Service) for Samsung Wearable 4.0. I've implemented the code for getting Heart Rate and Location data from the Native Service. I've also set the application to continuously get the data in the background as well. The problem is that I'm getting the location only and not the heart rate.

  • If I stop the location manager, I get the heart rate.
  • If I start both the location manager and the heart rate sensor, Most of the times I get the location data only, some times I get a few heart rate data points after 40-50 location data points. 

I haven't seen any such problem posted so far. I've checked my code but it seems to be correct as per the sample codes available for Tizen application development.

If I skip one module (Location or Heart Rate) the other one works fine which makes me believe that somehow location sensor stops the heart rate sensor ? 

Edited by: Itban Saeed on 01 May, 2020