Tizen native have handleMessage() like Android program (Samsung Gear)?

I am building my app which can multi-process (Multi-Thread).

My app will start new process ( new Thread). After new process ends, it can send a message to main-process.

After that main-process catches that message and start another new process.

How can i do it?

Ok I will describe my app.

Main-Process starts function Audio with UI. It play audio file after 5(s) it ends and sends a message with content is "touch_screen".

Main-Process catches that message touch_screen. App will start service evas_object_event_callback_add(...).

after app can sense events when user touch on screen my Gear. every times touch screen count variable  increase

if (count == 3) then  child thread will send a message again.

Of course that message will send to Main-Process and Main-Process will continues to start new process.


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Shaswati Saha

You may go through this link, specially go through Creating Threads with Ecore section of the link. It describes the process of creating threads until the maximum capacity of the thread pool and returning values to the main thread. Please have a look.

Heathcote heathcotegeo

The creation of threads up to the thread pool's limit is outlined, as is the subsequent return of values to the main thread. Look, if you please