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Hello.  I'm make BLE connection to transfer data between ios and tizen.

IOS advertise their service and characteristic and tizen catch them.

But data send and receive is not work.

As I see, IOS fucntion 'didSubscribeToCharacteristic' callback have to be called to send data.  But in tizen, there are no subscribe concept.

Only gatt connect, gatt client create, and read(get), write(set) value functions.

I can make gatt client, but data send and receive is yet.

When I send and receive with 'bt_gatt_get_value or bt_gatt_client_read_value' and same with set, wirite, IOS function 'didReceiveReadRequset and didReceiveWriteRequests' is called.  But It seem to that is not right function to send and receive data.

What is subscribing BLE service in tizen?  Or there are someone who successed in BLE data transfer between ios and tizen?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

As far as I have seen yet, didn't find any established BLE protocol and API to communicate firmly between iOS & tizen/android device. By using BLE instead of bluetooth, Yes You can skip MFi program/license. But please beware of various limitations set by Apple. I hope this links may help:


Bluetooth Low Energy. Essentials for Mobile Developers.


(Check the section: Apple limitations when dealing with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) along with others)


Apple Developers Document: Bluetooth Accessory Design Guidelines


(Check Chapter 3 Bluetooth Low Energy (Page 20-25) along with others)


You may have already seen the Tizen Bluetooth LE API references

otis jame

There are many people who are interested in BLE service in Tizen. Some people have succeeded in transferring BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices. However, there are still some questions that people have about BLE service in Tizen. For example, what is the process of subscribing BLE service in Tizen? Or is there someone who has successfully transferred BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices?

otis jame

There are many people who are interested in subscribing BLE service in Tizen. However, wordle there are also people who have failed in BLE data transfer between iOS and Tizen. So what is the difference between the two?

mark adams

How does one subscribe to a BLE service in Tizen, for instance? Alternatively, does anybody have experience effectively transferring BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices?

mark adams




Subscribing to a BLE service in Tizen involves using the GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) API to register for notifications or indications when the value of a characteristic changes. This is typically done by calling the 'bt_gatt_client_set_characteristic_notification' or 'bt_gatt_client_set_characteristic_indication' functions with the appropriate parameters.

BLE interoperability between different platforms can sometimes be challenging, as different implementations may have subtle differences in behavior or support different features. However, there are many examples of successful BLE data transfer between iOS and other platforms, so it is certainly possible with the right combination of hardware and software. It may be helpful for the person to seek out specific examples of BLE data transfer between iOS and Tizen or to consult with other developers who have experience with these platforms. .


Hope this helps..


Mary Solero

It sounds like you are having trouble with BLE data transfer between iOS and Tizen devices. To clarify, in BLE, subscribing refers to the act of registering for notifications when new data becomes available on a particular characteristic. However, it seems like the Tizen platform you are working with does not have a built-in concept of subscribing.

In this case, you will need to use the read and write functions to exchange data between the iOS and Tizen devices. When you call the bt_gatt_client_read_value or bt_gatt_get_value functions in Tizen, the corresponding didReceiveReadRequest callback should be called on the iOS side. Similarly, when you call the bt_gatt_client_write_value or bt_gatt_set_value functions in Tizen, the corresponding didReceiveWriteRequest the callback should be called on the iOS side.

It's important to note that the read and write functions in BLE are not guaranteed to be real-time or immediate. There can be delays and variations in transmission time due to factors such as network congestion, signal interference, and device processing time. Therefore, it's important to design your application with appropriate error handling and data verification mechanisms to ensure reliable data transfer.

I would recommend checking the documentation and developer forums for both iOS and Tizen platforms to see if there are any specific requirements or limitations for BLE communication between the two platforms. Additionally, there may be third-party libraries or frameworks available that can simplify BLE communication between iOS and Tizen devices.

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Grace Selle


In Tizen, subscribing to a characteristic is done through the "Notify" property. When the Notify property is set to "true" on the characteristic, the client will receive notifications whenever the characteristic's value changes. You can use the bt_gatt_set_characteristic_notification function to enable notifications on the characteristic.

To send data from Tizen to iOS, you can use the bt_gatt_client_write_value function. Make sure that the character has the "Write" or "Write without response" property set in order to allow the client to write to the characteristic.

To receive data from iOS on Tizen, you can use the bt_gatt_register_notification function to register a callback that will be called whenever the characteristic's value changes and a notification is received.

Keep in mind that BLE data transfer can be complex and may require thorough debugging and troubleshooting to get it working properly. Make sure that both devices are properly advertising, discovering, and connecting to each other before attempting to send and receive data.

alan cubero

Service and retro bowl Characteristic UUIDs: Make sure that the UUIDs of your BLE service and characteristic match between your iOS and Tizen apps. This is essential for the two devices to communicate with each other over BLE.



In Tizen, the concept of subscription to a characteristic in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is not explicitly defined like in iOS. However, you can still achieve data transfer between iOS and Tizen devices using the GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) functions provided by the Tizen API.

To send and receive data between iOS and Tizen devices, you can follow these steps:

On the Tizen side:

Create a GATT client using bt_gatt_client_create().
Establish a connection with the desired iOS device using bt_gatt_client_connect().
Use bt_gatt_client_read_value() and bt_gatt_client_write_value() to read and write data to the respective characteristics.
On the iOS side:

Advertise the service and characteristic using the CoreBluetooth framework. 360 photo booth Charlotte
Implement the appropriate delegate methods to handle read and write requests (didReceiveReadRequest and didReceiveWriteRequests).
Use respondToRequest(withResult:value:) to respond to read requests and handle the received data.
It's important to note that the specific implementation details may vary depending on your use case and the data you are trying to transfer. Make sure that the UUIDs of the services and characteristics match on both the iOS and Tizen sides.

Alan Knox

BLE can connect iOS and Tizen/Android devices. BLE lets devices connect over short distances using low-power wireless technologies. Fitbits, smartwatches, and other wearables use it 


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Alice Bobby

iOS and Tizen/Android devices can be connected using BLE. BLE uses low-power wireless technology to enable short-range device connections. It is used by Fitbits, smartwatches, and other wearables. 

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