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Hello.  I'm make BLE connection to transfer data between ios and tizen.

IOS advertise their service and characteristic and tizen catch them.

But data send and receive is not work.

As I see, IOS fucntion 'didSubscribeToCharacteristic' callback have to be called to send data.  But in tizen, there are no subscribe concept.

Only gatt connect, gatt client create, and read(get), write(set) value functions.

I can make gatt client, but data send and receive is yet.

When I send and receive with 'bt_gatt_get_value or bt_gatt_client_read_value' and same with set, wirite, IOS function 'didReceiveReadRequset and didReceiveWriteRequests' is called.  But It seem to that is not right function to send and receive data.

What is subscribing BLE service in tizen?  Or there are someone who successed in BLE data transfer between ios and tizen?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

As far as I have seen yet, didn't find any established BLE protocol and API to communicate firmly between iOS & tizen/android device. By using BLE instead of bluetooth, Yes You can skip MFi program/license. But please beware of various limitations set by Apple. I hope this links may help:


Bluetooth Low Energy. Essentials for Mobile Developers.


(Check the section: Apple limitations when dealing with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) along with others)


Apple Developers Document: Bluetooth Accessory Design Guidelines


(Check Chapter 3 Bluetooth Low Energy (Page 20-25) along with others)


You may have already seen the Tizen Bluetooth LE API references

otis jame

There are many people who are interested in BLE service in Tizen. Some people have succeeded in transferring BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices. However, there are still some questions that people have about BLE service in Tizen. For example, what is the process of subscribing BLE service in Tizen? Or is there someone who has successfully transferred BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices?

otis jame

There are many people who are interested in subscribing BLE service in Tizen. However, wordle there are also people who have failed in BLE data transfer between iOS and Tizen. So what is the difference between the two?

mark adams

How does one subscribe to a BLE service in Tizen, for instance? Alternatively, does anybody have experience effectively transferring BLE data between iOS and Tizen devices?

mark adams