Standalone app


I want to develop a standalone app with internet access (over wifi)

but it needs to be able to send a post / get requests without a connected device.

Is it possible?


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

By "connected device" you meant Mobile devices connected via Gear Manager/Samsung gear app, right?


Yes, The Standalone app can surely send POST/GET requests if the device has Internet connectivity via any means: Wi-Fi, USIM (GSM/LTE).

It's doesn't need to be connected with Mobile device in Companion mode.


Some relevant links may help:

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Shon Mills

Yes, it is possible to develop a standalone app that can send POST and GET requests without a connected device, as long as the app has access to a wifi network.

One way to achieve this is to use a library or framework for handling network requests. There are several popular libraries for different programming languages that can handle network requests, such as:

Retrofit (for Android)
Alamofire (for iOS)
axios (for JavaScript)
requests (for Python)