Signature Error

I have got the following error.

The application installation on the device has failed due to signature error!(error code : -14)

You need an appropriate certificate profile, which can be created or activated in the Certificate manager. Do you want to open the Certificate Manager ?


But if i open the certificate manager, i see a certificate already created by me before. I have deleted the old one and created the new one. But the error remains same.
I am using Windows 7
How to solve this issue ?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

# Step 1: Delete all the existing certificates.

# Step 2: Set the Correct Date & Time in both device and PC. In your device, Turn on USB Debbuging.

# Step 3: Connect the device, Accept connection request in device end. make sure it's on your connection explorer in Tizen Studio.

# Step 4: Create new Author certificate, Distributor certificate, Add the device, Set the Profile active.

# Step 5: Right click on your device in connection explorer, "Permit to install apps"

# Step 6: Clean, Build & Deploy project.


This guide would be helpful:


You need to check 2 things.

1. Which type of certificate you are using. 'Tizen' or 'Samsung'. for the Samsung mobile/wearable devices, you should use 'Samsung' cert.

2. Whether you perform 'Permit to install apps' on your device or not.



Thanks for your answers

Sam Richardson

This may be a bit late, but could help future developers. I had a similar error after correctly creating a Samsung author and distributor (PUBLIC) certificate for an S3 device. I tried everything under the sun to get an app installed without a similar signature error. What helped with me was to make sure that the watch was paired to a phone while installing the app. Pretty weird..



Thank to Mr. Sam Richardson

Pairing with phone was  weird step :))
But we installed success ^^


Gilles Lesire

If you follow these instructions you won't be able to upload new versions of your app.... They have to be signed by the same certificate -_-.