problem with fopen

Hello All,

I am working on a game convertion to Tizen which is using basic C file operations to check whether the file exists or not using "fopen".

I found that this API is not able to open the given file, and I tried with alternative File API provided and they are working fine(Tried with Tizen::Io::File::IsFileExist).

Also in the Tizen header files I found a comment saying: “This function is a possible cancellation point and therefore not marked with __THROW.”,

does it convey that we need to use Tizen::Io::File API instead of stdio file APIs?





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john Smith
Hi, For using IsFileExists() method, you need to use Tizen::Io::File and header file also need to include . If you are not going to use , we getting an undefined error. Thanks,
Harry Kane

How is the file being run? Is it coming from an IDE or the command line? Your working directory may not always be the same as the location where your executable is located.

Sedrik Mao